Traditional insulation can do a decent job of curbing heat loss and gain, but did you know that you could increase your HVAC efficiency even more?. By adding LiquidKOOL Thermal Insulating Paint to your insulation, you can potentially trim your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

LiquidKOOL Thermal Insulating Paint uses NASA technology to reduce the amount of heat loss and gain from your home, office, factory, or other structure of choice. Our paint offers two layers of protection. Aluminum pigments work to turn your structure’s paint into a heat barrier, reflecting radiant energy and heat away from your structure to keep it cooler in the summer. In the winter, those same aluminum pigments help to keep heat inside your home, preventing it from escaping through walls, ceilings and other openings. The paint also uses insulating ceramics, which help further reduce heat loss. As a result, you’re getting heat and air conditioning enhancements in a just a single can of paint!

LiquidKOOL Thermal Insulating Paint is based on the same material used to coat NASA Space Shuttles. It’s used throughout the world in a variety of ways, including on research ships in the Arctic, oil tanks in the Middle East, railroads in Japan, and homes right here in the United States.

LiquidKOOL Thermal Insulating Paint is easy to apply, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to learn about how LiquidKOOL can help you cut energy costs in your home or business!